Year 1982 Thai Polymer Supply Co.,Ltd was established as the Engineering Plastics importer located at 406 Sukhumvit 55 (Soi Thonglor) Sukhumvit Rd., Klongton-nue, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 with the capital 49 million baht. At the present time, we are the leader of engineering plastics importer in Thailand with the capital 200 million baht, 16 buildings (site area 8,640 s.q.m.) by the support from our 660 staff.  The sales turnover for year 2006 was 1,000 million baht.   

We also have 2 joint venture companies, one with James Walker Moorflex UK produces spiral wound gasket and support by BOI, the other joint with Korea Taconic doing the indoor and outdoor stadium. Meanwhile, one more our own factory produces PTFE product under BOI privileges together with five sub-companies.  We are committed to meet the needs of our customers and to continual strive to offer them better solutions of the engineering plastics problems and to give them technical support for the wide range of products that our sub-companies provide. We are now established 13 branches through out Thailand to better serve the need to our customers against their required. To this end we have also divided our company into six marketing division to be more specific with our product range as follows

• Engineering Plastics 
• Chain and Conveyor
• Fluid Systems
• Air Supply 
• Printer
• Insulating 


Our product range is sourced from Asia, Europe, North America and South Africa, based , etc base on quality and the customer requirments.  Most of the supplied products are the brand leaders in their fields. We have extensived warehouse facilities enabling us to carry the stocks to meet our customer’s needs.  We have in house machining facilities with full experience and test R&D department.We work as a team providing the best solutions for our customers with quality products and services to meet the customer needs. We are continually upgrading the knowledge of our sales team with the latest information and technology. The inspiring vision behind Thai Polymer Supply’s success still remains unchanged and will always be.



Aim to be the leader in the industry by advising, marketing, giving service and consultation to the industry.
• The inspiring vision behind Thai Polymer Supply’s success still remains unchanged and will always be


To continually upgrade the knowledge of our sales team with the latest information and Technology from around the world . 
• To improve our production facilities with the latest equipment to give efficiency and services to our customers.
• To maintain and improve our after sales service.
• To develop our logistics to ensure the best possible delivery to our customers


1. ASIA FLUOROPOLYMER CO.,LTD. is the manufacturer of PTFE products and export to around the world under BOI support. The manufactory located at Prachaubkhirikhan province.
2. ASIAN TECH & ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. has done tender job of Cremator & Incineration.
3. SIAM MATERIALS & ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. imports Mechanical seal from UK (AES Mechanical Seals)
4. POLYURETHANE CO.,LTD. produces Polyurethane for local market.
5. JAMES WALKER (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. is the joint venture company with James Walker Moorflex in UK under BOI support.
6. THAKOTECH CO.,LTD. is the joint venture company with Korean company doing business of sport stadium.
7. TPS MATERIAL Co., LTD. Producing and providing ceramic products such as latex cup, bowl, plate, etc. The factory is located in Nakonpanom province.
8. NPT GREEN CO.,LTD. Importer and distributor of lighing equpment and electric lamps LVD Induction Lamp and LED technology of advanced manufacturing facilities globally.

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