Handheld Inkjet vs Inkjet Printer ?


Handheld Inkjet vs Inkjet Printer ?

Handheld Inkjet Printer vs Inkjet Printer, What's the Difference?


Businesses related to production lines Especially industrial factories, probably no one is familiar with. Box printer or bottle printer because it must be used as Production date printer, expiration date or Lot number printer for consumers to use products safely. If there is any problem, the manufacturer can check the information and suspend damage from the product in that lot. What is the difference between a handheld inkjet printer and an inkjet printer?

1) save

- Handheld will be cheaper Suitable for small businesses or have a budget to start investing. but had to increase capital in terms of labor and time instead

- Industrial date printers like Hitachi Inkjet Printer will cost more. But it's a worthwhile investment. If your business is a race against time production date printer It will be able to work quickly in seconds. Easy to use, saving time, cost and labor. Just pass the conveyor belt and print quickly. or will be used in the motionless production process Just connect to the robot arm and it's done.

2) Upgrading the quality of workpieces

- Mobile printer The production date can be printed on quite a limited number of materials. And the quality of what is pumped may not be beautiful or precise. or used with a small number of products

- date of manufacture printer It provides high quality, detailed printing. It can be both a date printer, a lot of products, a barcode, as well as can be used as a (small) logo printer. It can be printed on a variety of materials. Whether it's smooth, straight, curved, it meets the needs of using all kinds of bottle printers like Hitachi Inkjet Printer through product quality certification standards. The brand is famous and highly reliable. Lifetime support

3) After service

- Mobile printer With the low price, it's like a buyout. If any part has a problem, the repair will be quite high price.

- expiration date printer Depending on the brand and the store that provides services such as TPS, there is an excellent pre-sale service. by a team of experts Throughout the warranty period for more than 2 years (more than other brands) including spare parts and materials such as printing ink, production date, mixed liquid, cleaning solution, etc., are in stock a lot. rest assured that there will be a product and ink support for a lifetime Let the customer's production run continuously without interruption.

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