Heat resistant tape

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TAC-TAPE (Heat sealing Tape)


12.7 MM 19 MM. 25 MM. 30 MM. 38 MM. 50 MM.

ความหนา / Thickness


Product Description

Heat sealing Tape

Taconic’s Heat-resistant Masking Tapes are one-side PI tapes with adhesive which has excellent thermal resistance, solvent resistance and a variety of adhesion strength. Silicone and non-silicone adhesives are available. These tapes are ideal for use in even severe conditions such as SMT, gold electroplating and cleaning processes.

Property of Glass Fabric Coated PTFE :

  • Temperature range from -73 ํC ~ 260 ํC
  • Resistant acid-resistant chemical resistant.
  • Stabilize in heat
  • Smooth surface

Product Code :

6085-03 / 6075-03      Thickness 0.13 mm.
6085-05 / 6075-05      Thickness 0.18 mm.
6085-10 / 6075-10      Thickness 0.29 mm.
6445-02  Pure Teflon : Thickness 0.1   mm.

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 : taconic@thaipolymer.co.th

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