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UX2 Hitachi Continuous Ink Jet Printer
The UX2 Hitachi Continuous Ink Jet Printer is a high-performance printer that is ideal for a variety of coding applications, including primary and secondary packaging, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and more. The printer features a newly designed print head that reduces faults and ink build-up, resulting in longer run times.

It also has an improved dot algorithm that makes clearer codes, even at faster line speeds. The onboard video library takes operators through common issues to get back running quickly. Preconfigured I/O connectors allow for quick line changeovers without costly mistakes.

Key Features:
Newly designed print head with longer run times
Improved dot algorithm for clearer codes
An onboard video library for troubleshooting
Preconfigured I/O connectors for quick line changeovers
Safe Clean Station for clog-free printing
Ink Guard for longer print intervals between cleaning cycles
IP66 dust and water protection for harsh environments
The UX2 Hitachi Continuous Ink Jet Printer is a reliable and durable printer that can handle even the most demanding coding applications.
The newly designed print head and improved dot algorithm deliver high-quality codes that are clear and easy to read.
The onboard video library provides operators with the resources they need to troubleshoot problems quickly and easily.
The preconfigured I/O connectors make it easy to change lines without having to make any changes to the printer.
The Safe Clean Station helps to prevent clogs and keep the printer running smoothly.
The Ink Guard extends the lifespan of the printer by reducing the need for frequent cleaning cycles.
The IP66 dust and water protection makes the printer ideal for use in harsh environments.


  • Primary and secondary packaging
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Industrial
  • Retail

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