HITACHI inkjet printer - Solvent-18/Solvent-S1018 TH-18/S1018



Hitachi prides itself on the research and development investment made into industrial ink and makeup fluid for our coding equipment. The inks and solvents are specifically designed to maximize ink usage with consistent, legible codes while minimizing any corrosion or damage to the internal parts of the Hitachi continuous inkjet printers and case coders. With Hitachi, manufacturing companies can expect:

High quality inks and fluids designed for optimization with the Hitachi coding solutions
Investment in R&D to develop new formulations for better adhesion to difficult substrates and manufacturing environmental conditions
Continued research into better quality pigmented inks for clear coding
Intelligent cartridge systems to make adding ink and fluids mistake-proof and reducing ink and solvent waste in the cartridge containers

Inks and fluids that meet or exceed U.S. safety standards
If your production line has unusual environmental conditions or substrate, the ink R&D experts at Hitachi can work with you to develop a solution that will print clear and reliably cured codes.

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