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New Tiflex HRP R4 printer for marking secondary packaging, faster and more economical.
HRP R4 is available in gradient mode thanks to its intelligent printing station, which can be controlled via a PC or tablet.

HRP R4 is designed to ensure the traceability of grouping units (cartons) in the agri-food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and wood industry (pallets) sectors.
We have been certified by EPAL association for pallet inkjet marking. Feel free to contact our experts for more information.
Tiflexs R&D teams have worked to propose numerous improvements on this new HRP R4 printer in order to meet the increasing demands of the market.
HRP R4 is now available in umbilical version (remote head) !

Performance and speed
Printing up to 200 m/min at a height of 50 to 400 mm.
Marking by side, top or inclined plane (thanks to umbilical version).

Marking of text, alphanumeric characters, logos, GS1 128, ITF 14,2D codes (Datamatrix, QR codes) on porous media.

Destination markets
Food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, logistics, packaging industry.

Key points
5 year warranty on the entire range (for French market only).
More compact, easier to integrate on the production line.
Greater head-to-carton distance for easier installation.
25% faster print head.
15% improved marking contrast, which guarantees perfect barcode printing.
Marking cost 30% lower than the paper label.
Ink supply by secure cartridges.
Improvement of the OEE of the production line: no line stoppages (replacement of the ink without stopping the printer, 1 maintenance per year), networking possible.
Dedicated, open and comprehensive Tiflex software solution (remote commands, data logging, printer status,),
new simplified user interface.

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