Modular Belts


SKU : 30397b Modular Belts RT Applications

Modular Belts RT Applications


Double speed
When the belt is moving and the rollers are in contact with a
fixed support area, the rollers will start rotating. This will result
in movement of the product with a speed that is twice the
speed of the belt. This function is very useful when products
must be separated from each other.
This function enables the belt to run at lower speed, and that
improves belt life and reduces energy consumption.

Rotation with product moving
When two parallel running belts are positioned underneath
the Roller top belts, and running in different directions,
containers in the middle of the belt will rotate. This condition
is ideal for applications where product orientation is important,
for example, the infeed to a palletizer. In this case, containers
can be moving forward while rotating.

Rotation with product stopped
When using a rotating disc underneath the Roller top belt, you
can have optimum control of the rotation of the product.
The Roller top belt must be stopped during rotation.

Lateral movement
With a secondary activated belt positioned 90 degrees to the
travel direction of the Roller top belt, the system can transfer
your package without external guides. This scenario is ideal for
reject conveyors or any application requiring rapid 90 degree
transfer of the conveyed item.
Product positioning can also be achieved by this configuration.



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