TPS Materials Co., Ltd.

An overview of the business management TPS Materials Co., Ltd. produces goods and services sort of tableware, mug, and stoneware as available as for the domestic sales and design for the customer requirement with high quality machine. The process begins with selection materials, mixing, forming, glazing, as well as firing. The factory is located in Na Thom district, Nakorn Phanom.There are resources that can be produces high quality ceramic products. In addition, the company value of all goods must pass quality inspection by the quality control. Nowadays, TPS Materials Co., Ltd. continues to produce products of the high quality, manage production control and develop internal system for achieve our company goal.

Tableware and Ceramic Products from Thailand. Dinnerware, Mugs and Plates.
Tableware, Dinnerware, Mugs and Plates.
Ceramics for Premium markets.
O.E.M Original Equipment Manufacturer