General engineering plastics
A variety of quality plastics have been processed in a variety of plastic forms that have been processed with varying degrees of 100 ° C by popular engineering plastics. Machinery and industrial parts such as gears, wheels, machines, bookmarks, boots, washer rings, flanges, spare parts conveyors

Polyamide Nylon is a plastic that has been developed for durability and elongation.

(However, if there is an amine in the structure, it will reduce the absorption of water and moisture)

Properties of engineering plastics

  • The hardness is at 70 Shore D.
  • Resistant temperature -40 - 85 ° C
  • Looks like sheets / rods
  • Can be used with food
  • Applications of engineering plastics mainly use bearings, bushings, gears, gears, valves, motorcycles wheels.
  • Product has 2 colors, white / black

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