Thermal Insulation Jacket


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Thermal Insulation Jacket

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Importer and distributor of glass fiber, and ceramic fiber insulation, fireproof welding blankets, expansion joints , and silica cloth butt sparks. (Welding-Fireproof Blanket) Expansion Joint (Expansion Joint) and (Thermal Insulation Jackets)to cover machinery made of microfiber rock wool, calcium silicate, and many others as well. We have more than 30 years trading experience in this area.

Layer 1 is the innermost layer and most exposed to direct heat, fiberglass fabric is used for temperatures up to (600 C),.
Silica up to (900 C) or Ceramic up to (1200 C).
Layer 2 the middle layer in a thermal jacket is used to disperse the heat.
May use Rockwool (450 C) or Ceramic fibre blanket (1260 C).
Material used is up to the customer.
Layer 3 The outer layer materials are usually water and dust resistant such coated Fiber glass .
silicone or Fiber glass coated with foil to prevent water or other liquid from making contact and damage.

Uses of Thermal Insulation Jackets.
1. Covering plastic Injection molding heater and chemical heaters.
2. Covering boat mufflers
3. Covering heat control valves.

Use of thermal insulation jackets provides benefits to many industries in the following ways;
1. Helps to reduce electricity consumption , reduces maintenance by being easy to remove and fit and as it can be applied to other machines and uses without the need to replace.
2. Helps to reduce employee injuries due to contact with hot machinery or objects , allowing employees to work more effectively.
3. Helps with easy maintenance by being able to be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance of machines.
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